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Balkan Beat Box – BBBeat

February 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

One of my favourite songs that I heard last year thanks to Spotify’s recommendations, it instantly won me over and every track on the Nu Med is gold. Balkan Beat Box comprises of a previous Gogol Bordello member and a member of Firewater, so it’s a bit of a world music super-group.

Imagine this song coming on in a club; it has so much rhythm, groove, and so many wonderful styles from all continents that it really is a feast of aural and moving delight. The track begins with these four knocking sounds which is then followed by some nicely edited percussion hits. It’s just the beginning of a buildup to the main clarinet melody at 53 secs.

I would LOVE to see everyone dancing to this melody in an R&B / Hip-Hop club, it’d be such a fresh change to have such happy, less promiscuous, less aggressive music pumped through those massive systems. *I’m not saying all R&B and Hip-Hop songs are aggressive and promiscuous, but are many this happy?*

But the best bit has to be when the clarinet melody returns at 3:18/3:19 for it’s final time. At the very end (3:35) it so wonderfully harmonised by another clarinet which then tails off every now and then to do it’s own solo and blemishes.

BBB are playing one London show on 14th April at Dingwalls. I’m going, anyone want to come!?

Balkan Beat Box – BBBeat by masstsnk

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