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Billy Talent – Saint Veronika

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Billy Talent are the quintessential band to listen to when you’re pissed off, need some energy, or want to vent out rage over clearly been the victim of exploitation (which I cannot go into in this post but I refer back to this and explain at a later date – dickheads). They have consistently written incredibly catchy riffs and ultimately great songs:

First Album:
This is How It Goes*****
Living In The Shadows*****
Try Honesty*****
The Ex******
River Below
Cut The Curtains
Nothing To Lose
Voices of Violence*****

Second Album:
Devil In A Midnight Mess************
Red Flag 
This Suffering****** <— check out the epic live mix
Worker Bees******
Pins & Needles******
Fallen Leaves
In The Fall
Burn The Evidence***************

Latest and Third Album:
Devil On My Shoulder********************** <— one of the best riffs ever?
and Saint Veronika******

Find me a band with more than 18 energetic hits over three albums and I’ll eat my musical hat.

Saint Veronika starts with a syncopated guitar riff which you never realise is so until 00:06 secs when the guitar kicks in. It gets me every time. But it’s the chorus first heard at 00:42 secs with its descending chord progression and angry, harmonised vocals which is the real deal.

Actually, you know what, it’s the break down from 2:00 exactly which is where shit starts going down. At 2:19 the smoothest of distorted guitar sounds come in to rip it up until 3:14 where the song suddenly strips to a single clean electric guitar…and then BAM, at 3:30 those ridiculous drum hits bring the chorus back and smash you up once more.

Billy Talent – Saint Veronika by masstsnk

  1. ambiguous_angel
    January 26, 2010 at 3:10 PM

    i just found your blog:)

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    January 26, 2010 at 11:06 PM

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  3. Rml
    January 27, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    The section between 2:19 and 3:14 is awesome with that distorted guitar! But the following 16 seconds (3:14 – 3:30) with a clean sound and him singing the first lines of the chorus are just great, and they actually made all the difference to me: the drums coming back all out are much more easily appreciated after such a smooth interlude.And I can see what you meant when you mentioned its being a "venting out" song… Indeed!

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