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Typewriter Tip, Tip Tip – Shankar Jaikishan

January 14, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

To my pleasant surprise, Florence Welch was a fantastic radio presenter on BBC Radio 1, taking over for Zane Lowe on Tuesday. Her selection of songs were perfect – Limp Bizkit, Wiley, Hot Chip, Nina Simone, Ellie Goulding, the list goes on…

But I was most impressed with her choice of Shankar Jaikishan‘s ‘Typewriter Tip, Tip, Tip‘ which I first heard in The Darjeeling Limited. The duo’s piece was actually made for Merchant Ivory‘s apparantly average film Bombay Talkie in 1970 and you can watch the clip the song was made for here and here.

The track is so happy! I want to smile every time I hear it. Before I saw the video, I imagined similar Bollywood dancing such as here in one of my favourite Bollywood films Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and here from possibly my absolute favourite, Lagaan. And satisfyingly, it was, but with an added, Western 60’s twang. *EDIT – 15/01/10 – JUST BOUGHT THE LAGAAN SOUNDTRACK IN A CHARITY SHOP TODAY FOR 50 PENCE. A GUILTY BARGAIN*

I adore two parts: firstly the instrumental section from 00:30 – 55 secs especially the cheeky percussion playing at 50 secs – it’s so fad, I love it. And the second part first sung at 1:44 where the male vocalist sings tip tip tip tip tip tip tip tip in double time. So cute!

नमस्ते !

Typewriter Tip, Tip Tip – Shankar Jaikishan by masstsnk


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