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SomethingALaMode – RondoParisiano feat. Karl Lagerfeld

January 12, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

*I’M BACK!*. My brief absence was a much-needed voyage with friends consisting of arty activities such as seeing visually stunning The Road in the cinema, Burn After Reading and Barfuss on DVD. Thought-provoking, enjoyably pretentious and wickedly dark in respective order.

And so I was just settling to write about a song I’ve been dying to share for ages… but I was intercepted by a really significant friend, one who essentially moulded my outlook and extreme passion for the weirdest and most wonderful music (including Disney). THANKS.

About 30 minutes ago, she tweeted to me about Parisian duo SomethingALaMode… a force I can only describe as an wattage-fueled smörgåsbord.

RondoParisiano epitomises this: ghost-like effects over lush cello melodies in front of techno synth-stabs. It sounds ridiculous…and it really is, in the most colourful way.

The song is so playful, yet it has so much energy my left leg can’t stop shaking. It is clear that they had fun making this, but maintaining (and flaunting) their clearly classically-trained, technical undertone.

I love the intro – a retarded, comic cowbell alternating with a more conventional string section. And then French dialogue by fashion guru Karl Lagerfeld – can it get any more chic than this? It can, because the coolest, and I mean COOLEST piece of dance I have heard in ages is first heard from 00:39 secs, with two ultra slick chords which I feel make this track: the 1st being the major chord at 00:47 secs and the 2nd being the final chord at 00:50/51 secs (a semitone down to the tonic) before leading us back to hearing it all again.

I’ve had this on repeat for about an hour now. It’s so French. I love it. You’ll also love the cheesy video.

SomethingALaMode – RondoParisiano feat. Karl Lagerfeld by masstsnk

  1. Anonymous
    January 12, 2010 at 11:28 PM

    :)…. you should check out their myspace. Looking forward to when I can do my review! nats x

  2. Matthijs
    January 17, 2010 at 12:35 PM

    I love it, it really is fantastic! Only the French can come up with something as exciting and new as this.

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