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Terror Danjah – Zumpi Huntah

Thanks to my good friend and neighbour, Elijah, who regularly introduces me to the latest grime, house, dubstep and pretty much anything else that is worthy of airtime on arguably the UK’s no.1 pirate radio station, Rinse.fm.

In fact, it has been fascinating to find out how much of a bad name grime and pirate radio has been given. Club nights are consistently being shut down through the controversial Form 696 for fears of violence, with no evidence of this, related to the general public believing that grime is causing an increase in youth violence and delinquency. In reality, Elijah, who runs the two most popular grime blogs our there (Butterz and Grime Forum), regularly insights me into the contrary. A scene that actually consists of hundreds of hard-working artists who want to make a living from their music, not from behind bars.

And this paragraph is one I write with embarrassment, for I was one of those people who thought that grime should clean up their act. I just couldn’t come to terms with the aggressive music videos, lyrics, the popular hostile look of concealing your identity in the street and looking suspicious in visible public areas. Regularly I’d argue with Elijah and his friends who come round for Fifa tournaments. They were all adamant that the videos, the looks, the attitude was all tongue and cheek, or reflective of struggles in their life. I was so Daily Mail, thinking that everyone has an equal start in life and these examples of people were choosing to not positively contribute to society. I think I’ve finally come to terms that this is not true (not for everyone anyway).

Rinse.fm has a professional station crew that takes things seriously – no unauthorised guests or you’re out, no swearing or you’re out, no drugs or you’re out. They need to set an example to their listeners, to wider society who are skeptical. Mainstream DJs such as Ras Kwame and Tim Westwood regularly feature in videos and interviews (such as in Tempa T’s Next Hype), aiding mainstream credibility. And of course, artists such as Dizzee Rascal, Lethal Bizzle and Wiley all help to bring positive messages to the masses.

And another thing that people overlook is the quality of the music. Countless people I have come across arrogantly assume it is just awfully produced beats on Fruityloops and a crap microphone plugged into the back of the computer. Well, this track by Terror Danjah is an example of none of that. Slick production and a smooth beat. The perfect combo to silence the obnoxious.

But it’s the unexpected contrast to this ‘smooth’ beat which I love about this track. First heard at 00:27-00:41 secs, the beat suddenly becomes aggressive and the energy is turned up. It’s one of the bits you can just imagine everyone in the club suddenly going “oiiiii!!” and switch to a bit of mental dancing. Friggin love it.

Terror Danjah – Zumpi Huntah by masstsnk

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