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Elliot Goldenthal – The Floating Bed (from Frida)

The soundtrack to Frida would get played in Ottakars all the time whilst I was working there on my gap year. I wouldn’t let anything else go in because it was that good.

This short piece by Elliot Goldenthal is a great example. So masterfully composed (he had to research how to make Mexican music as he is a classically trained composer from America with no prior knowledge) is the score that it won him an Academy Award and Golden Globe for best soundtrack in 2002.

If you watch this film, you’ll understand and empaphise with the chaotic and tragic life that Frida had. The busy rhythms which are heard in this track reflect this. I absolutely love the classical guitar strum at 00:11 secs to introduce a really complex rhythmic section (a time signature which I’m too tired to work out now!). But what really sticks out for me is the sudden change to the outro at 1:13. I absolutely adore the sound of the marimba and even took lessons in my first year of uni with the ambition of being a marimba master. Watch this space…

The Floating Bed – Frida – Elliot Goldenthal by massime

  1. Kay
    January 6, 2010 at 2:03 PM

    Hi Mass! Ah Ottakar days – good times, non? I'm going to check out the soundtrack – the link posted doesn't seem to work for me. HAPPY NEW YEAR! Komal x

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