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Perfume – Dream Fighter

My few days absence were a result of visiting some long lost friends and having some of them staying over, in which I thought watching The Thick of It was much more important than telling you about another infectiously addictive section of songwriting.

Alas, it was thanks to this gap that I was introduced to this killer J-Pop (I think that’s what it is, or perhaps, more accurately: J-Electro!?) song by Perfume in Luke Leighfield‘s car on the way to our NYE party. It was actually this band that we all danced silly amounts to into the new year. Barnet didn’t see it coming. Good job I only found out today that it came from this album.

The production is huge, which makes the bass entries/slides from 0:26 – 0:31 secs incredible. Geekily, we kept rewinding this section, irating all the (9) hardcore ravers. Check out the video too.

Perfume – Dream Fighter by massime

  1. tom
    January 12, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    Yes yes yes Massimo. This just HAD to feature on your blog. P.s. You're writing is really great.

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