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Muse – United States of Eurasia

December 26, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So what if it sounds like Queen or the second half (Collateral Damage) is nearly a note-for-note rip-off of a Chopin Etude? Muse have been doing this for ages and so has every single music artist ever to have graced our ears. No one is completely authentic, but they are all creative – and if something enjoyable comes out of their creativity then surely that’s the most important thing?

And with that in mind, this absolutely killer track by one of, if not Britain’s best bands does exactly that – entertains with sheer unique creativity. With pastiche’s to Queen and Chopin, it is still obviously Muse – no one sounds like them.

Interestingly, my favourite bit is neither the Queen homages or Chopin recital, but actually the Middle Eastern & TOTALLY ROCKING OUT section:

Starting from 1:34 we hear these amazing bass slides and Umm Kulthum style piano and string unison harmonic minor melodies. And before I continue, come on – how GOOD is the production? If you’re listening on good speakers, the sound is so big, yet still so raw.

Anyway, from 1:58 the track basically enters the ‘rocking out’ section with a great drum & hi-hat beat going on whilst the bass and piano are just wacking out Eb’s. Then at 2:09 the piece epically changes to the relative minor (C Minor) with great, slightly more pissed-off lyrics about the corruption and apathy of world leaders.

This all then gets repeated. Annoyingly, only once. I just want to keep looping this section. Alas. Hail Muse.

United States of Eurasia (Collateral Damage) by massime

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