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Puff Daddy & The Family – Victory

December 14, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

The opening track from P Diddy’s classic album No Way Out featuring all of The Family (Lil’ Kim, the Notorious B.I.G., Mase, Jay-z, and The Lox). This track also features Busta Rhymes in the chorus.

There’s not much more justification needed as to why this album is a classic – selling half a million copies in its first week (and reaching no.1) and winning the 1998 Grammy Award for Best Rap Album.

The video to this track is also one of the most expensive ever made featuring stars such as Dennis Hopper and Danny DeVito, it cost $2,700,000.

The introduction for me is killer – a long buildup for 50 seconds for P Diddy to then be taken over by Notorious B.I.G. The production isn’t as clear as today’s standards, but pumping this out in the car is still massive. The aggressive chorus by Busta Rhymes first heard at 2:10 is also great. Especially in acapella at the end (from 4:35) and then just one 2 drum hits (4:43) before “fuck ya’ll niggas wanna do”. I want to be a mafioso rapper now.

Victory by massime

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