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Ashok – Lean From The Middle

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A friend of mine introduced me to this band when I was beginning my radio show whilst at Southampton University. I instantly fell in love with Ashok and played them on as many shows as I could.

The album is consistent in great, varied tracks with amazing home production, great musicianship and quality vocals both from Leo Nathan and Florence Welch.

Florence Welch…recognise that name? It meant nothing to me, even when I contacted the band saying that I wanted to manage them, confident that they had a future. What actually led to happening was me finding out that Flo had left and Leo deciding that Ashok would be no longer. I was gutted.

Why the heck did she leave? Why did they split? This band are amazing. Well… it wasn’t until I started an internship at BBC 6 Music that I heard Flo’s voice on the radio and thought “I recognise that wail”. And then came the announcement: Florence and The Machine. I was distraught that she went solo, leaving behind great musicians, and even nicking some of the songs from Ashok. This developed into anger – I hate musicians getting screwed over and talking to Leo over a coffee I found out a lot over the split. Sometimes life kicks you in the arse hard. Especially to the best of musicians.

I can never listen to her again without these feelings and me thinking that her career is a second-rate Ashok. Ashok’s music is much better, more varied and the mixture of male vocals and rap breaks up her wailing voice (which I love, but can be a bit much).

My favourite bit is actually the chorus as a whole – it suddenly changes rhythm and is the only part with a duet – Flo’s voice really is incredible and brings out the chorus. But I’d say to listen from the last chorus at 3:11 where a repeat of the chorus at 3:33 has even stronger and more flamboyant Flo vocals. It then leads to an outro at 3:54 which has quite a cheeky guitar solo and general feel to it.

The track is from their only album Plans (which is being rereleased in HMV without the band’s consent) and there is even a brilliant video to accompany it.

I recommend anyone with an open-minded look on music to purchase this CD and enjoy the wonderfully varied yet consistently brilliant tracks

Learn From The Middle by massime

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